“Broken Falls” – The Ireland/Newfoundland Connection

My debut novel Broken Falls is set in a fictional village in Newfoundland populated by people of Irish descent. In the course of my research, I realised that there is a very strong link between Ireland and Newfoundland. According to Wikipedia: In modern Newfoundland, many Newfoundlanders are of Irish descent. According to the Statistics Canada … Continue reading “Broken Falls” – The Ireland/Newfoundland Connection

“Broken Falls” – Read A Free Excerpt!

My debut novel, Broken Falls, is on sale now. Here’s the blurb: “Wyoming cop, John Ryan, receives a package of letters from a recently deceased priest addressed to John’s late father begging his forgiveness, for something the priest had done. Unravelling the story behind the letters leads John to the remote fishing village of Broken Falls, Newfoundland, … Continue reading “Broken Falls” – Read A Free Excerpt!