The Myth of the Pro-Life Rebellion

As the dust settles after the Referendum on the Eighth Amendment, those of us who voted β€œYes” need to be very wary going forward. We have to be mindful of how the right-wing in this country will try – indeed, are already trying – to spin the historic result. After the results of the referendum … Continue reading The Myth of the Pro-Life Rebellion

“Broken Falls” – The Ireland/Newfoundland Connection

My debut novel Broken Falls is set in a fictional village in Newfoundland populated by people of Irish descent. In the course of my research, I realised that there is a very strong link between Ireland and Newfoundland. According to Wikipedia: In modern Newfoundland, many Newfoundlanders are of Irish descent. According to the Statistics Canada … Continue reading “Broken Falls” – The Ireland/Newfoundland Connection