New Artist Monday – Philharmongrel

190. Phil1

As most regular readers will know, I’m a big believer in supporting independent musicians (given that I am one myself!). So, in the absence of “New Music Monday”, I’ve decided to start featuring some independent musicians on “New Artist Monday”. The first band is an Irish seven-piece called Philharmongrel. If you’re looking for an easy label, they could be called “Math Rock” (think Battles’ “Atlas”). And they’re very good. I spoke to guitarist Michael Patterson to find out more.

“Philharmongrel is actually made up of 2 bands. Kill Goliath and Secrecy of State. In 2012 we went on tour to Greece together as separate bands with the view to just playing some gigs. But while we were out there we had a couple of gigs cancelled at the last minute … there were a lot of riots in Greece during that period of time. So we had a bit of downtime and were offered a bit of free recording. Initially we were going to record a song each and do some sort of split tour single, but it turned out that we wrote a song together with everyone playing on it. It was a bit of an experiment really, two drummers, two bass players three guitarists and three vocals. As it happens the result was surprisingly good, and we all really enjoyed the process. We then used the last day of down time to film a video to go with the song, all very impromptu and fun. The video turned out great too.”

 “By the end of the tour we had a new song together and a music video, John one of our Drummers came up with the idea of making the project a going concern and had the idea for the project name Philharmongrel.”

 “Since then we have all been enjoying the project so much that we are now officially a band in our own right, even though both previous bands still exist, albeit on hiatus. We have three songs recorded now which form part of our upcoming album (four more songs in the process of being recorded). We released the video for Falling Man on Wednesday to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11 due to the subject matter.”

192. Phil3

“Our plan is to release a 7 track LP in early 2014, and we will be gigging in the UK and Ireland to support the release. A total of five shows, specifically handpicked and promoted properly, taking the approach of less is more even though in the music more is more!”

 You can watch the video for “Sitting Pretty are Ugly Things” here:

and download “Falling Man” here:


2 thoughts on “New Artist Monday – Philharmongrel

  1. Thanks for sharing, Derek. There’s some pretty good things here that these guys do. I like the musicianship and the quality of the tunes. I’ll have to keep an eye on them and see what else they’ve got up their collective sleeves.
    Have a good week.


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