New Music Monday – My Version of Luke Kelly’s “Joe Hill”

Luke Kelly

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! This week’s song has been covered by many people, including Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. But the most famous version – certainly in Ireland – is by Luke Kelly and The Dubliners. This is my version of “Joe Hill”:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.

Joe Hill

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
Alive as you and me.
Says I “But Joe, you’re ten years dead”
“I never died” said he,
“I never died” said he.

“In Salt Lake, Joe,” says I to him,
Him standing by my bed,
“They framed you on a murder charge,”
Says Joe, “But I ain’t dead,”
Says Joe, “But I ain’t dead.”

“The Copper Bosses killed you Joe,
They shot you Joe” says I.
“Takes more than guns to kill a man”
Says Joe “And I ain’t dead,”
Says Joe “And I ain’t dead.”

And standing there as big as life
And smiling with his eyes.
Says Joe “What they can never kill
Went on to organize,
Went on to organize”

From San Diego up to Maine,
In every mine and mill,
Where working-men defend their rights,
It’s there you find Joe Hill,
It’s there you find Joe Hill!

Written by Alfred Hayes & Earl Robinson

Image: “Luke Kelly” by Ted Ford

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One comment on “New Music Monday – My Version of Luke Kelly’s “Joe Hill”

  1. socialbridge says:

    Really like your version!

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