Sometimes You Fall But Sometimes You Fly

Sometimes You Fly

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you.
And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.
Neil Gaiman


As the New Year approaches, so does the dreaded spectre of New Year’s resolution, new beginnings, plans and schemes. Things that will last for a few months, and then, peter out. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions; however, there is one exception to this. I joined Twitter about 18 months ago. 2012 was quite a year for me. I realised a childhood ambition – I released an album. And – as I said many times during the year – this wouldn’t have been possible without the support, interest and encouragement I received through social media.

I’ve noticed something in my time on social media sites in the past year. I think there’s something infectious about the creation of work, of work being done and decisions being made. And I think this is way more important than any New Year’s Resolutions or anything else. It’s a slow, incremental force that builds in people from watching other people doing stuff, whatever that stuff may be.

And that’s how it happened with me. Slowly, one by one, as more and more people listened to my music and gave me feedback about it and asked me about releasing an album, I slowly got to the point where I felt confident about doing it. And I think that’s what happens on social media. There are a lot of people at the moment – especially in these recessionary times – who are floundering, or treading water. They’re not sure where their lives are heading. And, perhaps, if they were just to stay within their own social circle of friends, family and workmates, they would probably just continue to tread water. But when they take the step into social media, they start to see other people making life-changing decisions and making bold moves, and this seems to rub off on people.

And I – for one – think this is a wonderful thing. It’s not the case with everybody but there are some people involved in social media who – in the coming year – will take the step that they always wanted to take but maybe didn’t have the confidence to do. Because they’ve seen others do it. Perhaps friends that they’ve met online, or just people they don’t even know but who may have influenced them.

So, if you’re going to have a New Year’s Resolution, make it a big one. Make it a life-changing one. Do that thing that you’ve put off but that you’ve always wanted to do. It may not be possible to do immediately, but at least you will have set the ball rolling. You can start to plan it, to make it a reality.

Be bold. Take the leap. Sometimes you fall. But sometimes you fly.

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes You Fall But Sometimes You Fly

  1. With all the negative issues about social media at the moment it’s nice to read about the positives, of which there are many. I like this one, it’s one I hadn’t thought of, but a great one. 🙂

  2. Thanks Derek! You are so right. There is something about social media allowing pure expression. For artists of every kind, the Internet is liberating. Your music has meant a lot to me this last year.

  3. Sometimes you fall, sometimes you fly and either way you learn. I’ve come to this post quite late, but thanks. As a realtive newbie to social media, it has been a sharp learning curve but also rewarding. The latter can be easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.

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