New Music Monday – New Video for my Original Song “Janey”

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! My album, “Do You Dream At All?”, is currently on sale on CDBaby for the bargain price of $5! To celebrate, this is the brand new video for one of the songs from the album, “Janey””:

Janey Video


Janey doesn’t want anything that’s gonna make her cry again
She says she’s wasted too many tears on her girlfriend’s shoulders
Are so broad and his mind is so narrow
And he thinks of only one thing
And when she won’t give it to him, he says

It’s enough to make you want to hurt her (2)

Nights roll back like the sheets, she says,
‘I’m tired from a week of fighting
And I’m tired of you’
She goes window shopping for the things she knows she’ll never use
And she tells her friends that it makes her feel safe
Every time he says


And after a while it doesn’t hurt you anymore
And it’s like a kind of black relief as you rush to meet the floor
And it’s something that surrounds you
It’s something that engulfs you
And takes you in, takes you in
And all the while, he says
That he never meant to hurt you
No, he never meant to hurt you

Janey gave up window shopping and took everything in hand
Left him lying face down in the rain
Dying to the rhythm of some street-corner marching band
And so she moves on, with nowhere to move onto
No one to move onto, just someone else
One more person who says


Written by Derek Flynn

(Image: Click the pic for credits)

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