#FridayFlashFiction “The Unbearable Weightlessness of Being”

They hate me up here … I know that.

She’s the only woman on board and we’re fucking … of course, they hate me. They pretend it’s because of our lack of professionalism, but I know it’s jealousy. We tried to be discreet at first, but you try keeping secrets from three other people in a floating tin can.

It’s completely against the rules, and I’m sure Houston knows by now. But what are they going to do – send another Space Shuttle to bring us back? We’ll be dealt with when we get home and we’ll take our licks. It will have been worth it. It’s only been a week and it’s already been worth every minute.

All the times I trained in weightlessness, I never once thought about sex. She’s the one who initiated it. She said she’d tried it out in the anti-grav chamber back in Moscow. She couldn’t wait for her first mission to try it out for real. I guess I’m lucky she chose me.

I’ve been wondering: are we the first ones to ever do this? There’s only been a few other women up here. So, unless all those guys in the Apollo rockets were getting funky with each other …

Last night, hanging upside-down in zero gravity, I whispered into her ear, “Do you realise we could be only two people in history who have ever done this?” She didn’t answer, just let out a dirty, Russian laugh and shoved my head back between her weightless breasts.


Image taken from “Them” music video by Jem

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6 thoughts on “#FridayFlashFiction “The Unbearable Weightlessness of Being”

  1. That’s rather taken my mind off the system upgrade I’m supposed to be concentrating on. So few words, so quick to read – but what a lasting impact. I’ll be floating around all afternoon!

  2. Actually, I have thought about it – the technical aspects, that is. Generally, the lack of gravity would force two bodies to separate with every “thrust.” (Remember, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.) Ultimately, I decided on a wide elastic band to hold the two bodies together at the hips and one person tethered in place. (I think I’ll call the book “007age in Space”)

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