5 comments on “New Music Monday – My version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”

  1. rheath40 says:

    Love it my dear. One of my most favorite Bruce songs.

  2. Reblogged this on Alastair's Blog and commented:
    Great version of an old classic.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, Derek. I own the big Bruce Box set, but hardly listen to it. I have just never been the biggest fan. I guess I just haven’t figured it out yet. On the other hand Born to Run and Rosalita are two of my favorite songs of all-time. It’s funny how that worked out. In any event, now that I’ve heard your take, I promise to give him another shot at grabbing my heart with his tunes.


  4. Jules says:

    ‘But tonight well be free
    All the promises will be broken’

    When you shouted that bit it gave me goosebumps!
    Wow …

  5. @James – the trick is that you have to see him live. I always liked him okay, until I finally saw a show about 10 years ago. During the concert you’ll suddenly say “ooooohhh… NOW I understand!” All of his songs were written to be heard live with at least 20,000 other people singing along. And everything you’ve heard is true.

    @Derek – great version and great vocal! I hope you are going to to check out the show!

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