The continuing adventures of “Do You Dream At All?”

This blog was conceived to be a cross between writing and songwriting and so it’s fitting that at the moment, that’s where I find myself. Last week, I started to detail how I came to record my debut album, “Do You Dream At All?” While to some, this might seem like a purely musical endeavour, this is not the case. The fact is, I find myself straddling both worlds of literature and music equally as I embark on this incredible journey.

More about that in a moment but first I want to talk some more about the making of the album. As I said last week, it all came about from the support and encouragement I received on Twitter and other social media, as well as the knowledge that social media could be a very important way of publicising it. After all, even with all that support and encouragement, the idea of recording and releasing an album solely on my own – with no record company backing – still seemed like a bit of a crazy idea. But, hey, never stopped me before!

So, I set about recording the album. I set up a kind of mini recording studio in my house and started to record it track by track. To be honest, this wasn’t work; it was fun. The work, however, came next. After I had recorded the album, the logistics of getting it out into the world started to sink in. I’ll save you the gory details but it involved – amongst many other things – cover design, cover printing, CD duplication, bar codes, and the seemingly never-ending task of getting the CD onto websites like CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.

The point at which the paths of literature and music crossed came early. I had decided I would do an album launch and invite many of the people who had been so supportive of me online, as well as family and friends. I was invited to launch the album as part of Waterford Writer’s Weekend, a wonderful book festival in my hometown. As part of the festival, the RTE Radio Arts show “Arena” was broadcasting live from local bookshop, The Book Centre, in Waterford. I was invited to perform one of my songs on the show. I performed the title track and afterwards got to meet some wonderful writers, some of whom I knew, some of whom I met for the first time. The subsequent CD launch in Waterford was a great success as was the entire festival. Mark Graham has blogged about it here.

The next CD launch was in Dublin and this one was to be very much a Twitter affair. A lot of my Twitter friends are based in Dublin (and many of them are writers also!). So the call went out for what was dubbed #DerekFest2012. And the call was answered, not only by people living in Dublin, but others who came from Cork, Galway, and even London! The night was a great success, with lots of music, chat and laughs. For the audience view, you can read ER Murray’s “From the Front Row” piece on it here.

So, the launches have come and gone and now the real work begins! Letting the rest of the world know about “Do You Dream At All?” Here on “Rant, with Occasional Music”, I’ll keep you updated as to how my wild and wonderful adventure is going.


5 thoughts on “The continuing adventures of “Do You Dream At All?”

  1. I finally bought your album on iTunes! I’m sorry it took so long. But better late then never, right? I am going to introduce my sister in law to your music on our roadtrip back home. 😀

  2. Artists who are engaged in the creative process, serious about evolving and brave enough to release their work will thrive. In the new paradigm finding your audience is an exponential equation. Releasing your record and adapting to the learning curve is where the magic lies.

  3. Live that dream, Derek! I thought my dream of being a published writer was dead and buried. For nearly two decades I thought about it but did nothing. I finally realized how bad the regret would be at 38 years old. Now I’m 43. I’ve got one published, another on the way and just finished the first draft of book three.
    We’re living the dream, my friend.

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