Official Video for “Do You Dream at All?”

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20 thoughts on “Official Video for “Do You Dream at All?”

  1. Of course I have the album Derek 🙂 and I love the song. If I’m being honest, the performance piece actually scared me. Being bound or limited by someone or something is a frightening experience whether the bindings are physical or mental so the impact of the performance was very powerful. Our dreams are where we become immortal gods and create whatever we wish from our portfolio of collected experiences, emotions and images so the thought of being limited reminds me of my own mortality. Very powerful.

    1. Hi Julie. The artist who did that performance piece is a friend of mine so I hope she wouldn’t mind me speaking for her. The reaction you had to the piece is exactly what she would have hoped for, I think. It’s a very visceral, emotional performance piece and it’s designed to elicit a very emotional response. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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