11 comments on “New Music Monday – Free Single Download + “Crazy In Love”

  1. ERMurray says:

    Don’t know why but one of the last songs I expected!

  2. All the first years who are supposed to be studying Leonardo Da Vinci right now are singing along….. kidyanot… they know all the words….#MediaSudies ;) Nice one Derek \o/

  3. Hey, Derek! Thanks for the free download. I will definitely come back for that video. Much success to you and the cd. Rock on! my friend.


  4. Emma says:

    Great version. Reminds me of Gran Canaria holiday in 2003 (memory of that holiday is a little spotty though :))

  5. Mey says:

    So, in a fortnight of your Music Mondays I just went from Nick Cave to Beyoncé… is that range or what? ^^

    I have to particularly praise this one, I know good R&B translates into a variety of other genres (gotta give producers something :p) but it still requires faerie loads of talent and capacity to do that translation and make it your own, your Crazy in Love does that, the ‘uh-oh’s especially, I had forgotten about them and when they came in I thought “How fitting are they!” had I thought of them beforehand I would have sworn it was impossible to pull them off out of Beyoncé’s range without sounding foolish – you decidedly nailed that part :) There’s something really nice in your covering work.

  6. […] a certain kind of voice that can take on the likes of Waltzing Matilda, Martha, The Ship Song, Crazy In Love, Titanium and my personal favourite Lover, You Should’ve Come Over but Derek manages to make […]

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