Wanna See Me Playing LIVE?

As many of you know, I released my debut album “Do You Dream At All?” this week. I had two ACTUAL, in-person launches – one in my hometown of Waterford and one in Dublin, Ireland. At both of these launches, I was lucky enough to be able to perform my songs live for some of the people who follow me on Twitter and who follow this blog. However, there’s so many more people I haven’t been able to play live for. So I decided to go on a live blog tour! Playing a different original song live on a different blog on different days. If you missed it, here’s where I played this week:

Michelle Moloney-King Apr 5

Ashley Prince (Byron’s Curse) Apr 6

Louise Phillips Apr 7

I hope you’ll check them out and maybe also check out the samples of my new album available here:




3 thoughts on “Wanna See Me Playing LIVE?

  1. Nice cyber tour! How are you managing to fly through this series of tubes we know as the Internet? Are you a magician???

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