St. Patrick’s Day “Choose Your Own Song”

Today and tomorrow, I’m running a very special (and short) “Choose Your Own Song”. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m asking you, loyal readers, to pick an Irish song for me to record. Given that Paddy’s Day is only days away, there isn’t time to put it to the vote, so I’m going to be Judge and Jury on this one. I’ll take suggestions until Friday midnight, then pick one and record it over the weekend for #NewMusicMonday. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!


17 comments on “St. Patrick’s Day “Choose Your Own Song”

  1. Paula Dennan says:

    As soon as you mentioned this last night ‘Say It To Me Now’ by The Frames sprang to mind, so I’m suggesting that one 🙂

  2. My fav is “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. 🙂 Your picture choice made me laugh!

  3. Thin Lizzy – ‘Emerald’ – rawk!! 😉

  4. Jane Travers says:

    It’s Not Easy Being Green. To be sung in the style of Kermit the Frog and accompanied by ukulele.


  5. the green green grass of home….wearing a Val Doonican style jumper

  6. Orla Murphy says:

    Hey Derek,
    I’d love to hear “She moves through the fair” or a classic Lizzy track- “Old Town” ;)))
    Can’t wait to see what you chose x Orla

  7. June Shannon says:

    Hi Derek,
    This is a long shot I know but my favourite Irish song is called “Leaving Nancy” by the
    Furey’s – it reminds me of long car journeys in the summer on our way to the sea:)
    I think it would be a great match for your voice.

    Happy Paddy’s Day

  8. Mey says:

    * Welcome Poor Paddy Home
    * If I Should Fall From Grace WIth God

    That’s all I could think of :o)

  9. Emma says:

    Eleanor McEvoy’s “Only A Woman’s Heart ” 🙂

  10. @doalty says:

    “A pair of brown eyes” – a real classic.

  11. Leaving on a jet plane- John Denver

  12. Ooooooooh Lisdoonvarna perhaps?

  13. What’s Another Year……….go on I dare ya!!!!!!

  14. lizamartz says:

    Well shoot, Derek, the only two I can think of is a slightly raunchy version of “Brian O’Lynn” by Dave Van Ronk or the not-raunchy “Mick McGilligans Ball.”

  15. How about Arthur McBride? It’s a long one, though!

  16. Karen Barclay says:

    I can only think of hymns – like Lady of Knock or Be Thou My Vision. They are pretty hymns though.

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