“V-Fiction”: An Experiment Merging Music, Writing and Film

In my previous post, I talked about how musicians and writers have combined music and writing. There’s another element to this and that’s video. With the advent of new technology, an exciting new development is the merging of – not only words and music – but also imagery. I mentioned in the previous post about authors putting together soundtracks for their novels. A lot of writers have been using video as well as music to advertise their books. Many have also created book trailers with music and images or video. Many authors, book reviewers and bloggers have done “video blogs” or “v-blogs”, as they’re known.

People have also been talking a lot about flash fiction lately. Crime writer and fellow Writing.ie blogger, Declan Burke, wrote in a recent Irish Times article: “Flash fiction – very short, bite-sized stories – has become the favourite form of many writers. It’s succinct, punchy and effective – perfect for the online reader and perfectly in synch with the times.” Writer Warren Ellis calls it “burst culture”: “Short bursts are the way to go. Every day, millions of people download single lumps of data that take them three minutes to consume. They’re called mp3s. It’s a burst culture.”

So this week, I thought I’d do something different and combine the three elements – video, music and words: something I call “V-Fiction”.

With the amazing amount of software that’s available – including free software such as Windows Movie Maker – this is easy to do. The video footage I used is taken from a performance piece by visual artist, Ruth Flynn. The words and music are mine.

Click here to view.

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13 thoughts on ““V-Fiction”: An Experiment Merging Music, Writing and Film

  1. I really enjoyed this experience Derek. Something different for our senses as it’s not a talking book, not a music video, nor is it just images for words you’ve written. Reality and its shadow come very close together here. Excellent.

  2. I loved the brooding quality of the piece, which prompted me to respond with one I did several years ago, but I did something in error and pushed the wrong button–the one that sent it to some distant planet obviously, instead of posting it as a video reply. Anyway, I too love this co-mingling of mediums and would like to do more with it. 🙂 The words and the drawings are mine. The music we borrowed from Holtz, and Evan is both actor and narrator. http://youtu.be/8sSWMTAMkQI

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