New Music Monday – BIG NEWS! CD Release! + Flashback to the ’80s!

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday!

First off this week, the big news! I’m releasing a CD! It will be all original songs and the release date is set for Monday April 2nd. For Irish folks, there’ll be a launch in the Long Stone pub in Dublin on Saturday 31st March at 7.30. I also hope to have some cool surprises coming up on the blog between now and then. More details to follow but for now…so excited! I’m doing all this myself – no record company, no massive PR machine – so any support from the blogosphere and Twitter, Facebook, et al will be much appreciated.

Now to today’s new song and it’s a bit of a change of style. This one is a flashback to the ‘80s. Those of you who grew up on early MTV (or if you lived in Ireland, Fab Vinny and MTUSA) will remember this one. This is my version of Tony Carey’s ‘A Fine, Fine Day (For a Reunion)’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.

A Fine Fine Day

When my Uncle Sonny blew back into town
Said I’ll just go for a ride and have a look around
Took off his fedora
Stuck his fingers in the crown
And he pulled out twenty dollars
And he laid that money down
And he called out to a taxi cab “take me down to Central Park
and keep that meter runnin’ to the twenty dollar mark”
And he kept his eyes turned forward
And he sat up straight and tall
And no one even noticed him
No one cared at all

It’s a fine fine day for a reunion
It’s a fine fine day for comin’ home
You did your sittin’ you did hard time
But you ain’t gonna sit no more
They can’t keep you there no more
It’s a fine fine day
And nothin’s gonna take you,
Nothin’s take you away
It’s a fine fine day
Oh, yeah

The last time I saw Sonny I was just about this tall
And he always made my momma kinda crazy when he called
And him and my old man would stand and whisper in the hall
Then they’d disappear and maybe not come home at all
Then one day, Sonny stopped comin’ around
Heard he got himself into a little trouble downtown
Sometime after that he finally disappeared for good
But he pulled that old Houdini like we always knew he would


I see you made it back all right, alright
I see you’re none the worse for wear
Been a long time coming
Nothing’s gonna drag you away from here
Lyrics and music by Tony Carey

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24 thoughts on “New Music Monday – BIG NEWS! CD Release! + Flashback to the ’80s!

  1. Yay, yay, yay! I am so ready for this CD. And um, do you by chance have a private jet that I can borrow so I can come see you live?! Gah. I wish more than ever that I lived in Ireland. 😦

  2. Loved it Derek, it has a familiar sound to it, Graat track! Can’t wait Til the launch, I am thrilled and so excited for you. it’s gonna be EPIC 😉

  3. First off, love this weeks’ song! Second, can your US fans buy the physical CD or is a download? Needless to say, count me in for the tweetathon!

  4. Yay! Awesome!!!! This song sounds great too. The recording sounds very crisp & Ruth’s vocals sound brilliant. I can’t wait to see the CD release process too.

  5. As a guy who has to have music playing every hour or he’d curl up into a ball and die, let me offer my heartfelt congratulations to you, Derek. My guitar sits in it’s coffin with two missing strings that I never quite get around to replacing. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got on this cd, and look forward to helping you tell the world about it.

  6. Whoohoo! Super congrats Derek! 🙂

    My first singing teacher released 3 albums like this, on her own (2 in English as singer of a duet/band called Urban-Addict) and she’s now releasing her first solo piece ever in French 🙂 Needless to say I’ve been ushered into the world of auto-produced artists and am very supportive 🙂
    Maybe you feel what’s coming ahead, how the audience will receive it… is the big cookie but I truly believe that doing it, making your own record is the true magic 🙂 So congrats on that and I hope with all my heart I get to congratulate you some more in a few weeks and for a few years after that :p
    Can’t wait to hear the whole thing, see what story you’re telling through the set of songs you chose to put together ^^


  7. This song was great Derek.

    Unfortunately I’m old enough to remember MTUSA and the rest…

    Delighted to hear about the CD release. You must be thrilled. Signed copies available I hope.

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