New Music Monday – New Original Song & Valentine’s ‘Choose Your Own Song’

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! This week, another new original song (yes, I’ve been quite productive lately). This is ‘All That’s Left’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.

(*This is a sample track. The full version is available on the album “Do You Dream At All?” which can be purchased here:)

Also, this week, I’m taking suggestions for a Valentine’s Day special “Choose Your Own Song”! I want you to suggest your favourite LOVE SONG for me to record. I’ll put all the suggestions to the vote next Monday. It can be as sentimental or as unsentimental as you like. I don’t often do love songs so I’m really looking forward to this one. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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28 thoughts on “New Music Monday – New Original Song & Valentine’s ‘Choose Your Own Song’

  1. I love this Derek.

    I think the lyrics are charged with emotion (especially “I didn’t think ‘convenience’ would be this soulless”) and your voice is great (no whiskey gargle needed there!)


    For Valentine’s Day…it’s got to be Joe Cocker’s “You are so beautiful”

  2. I just went to make coffee after listening to this and was still humming it, so it must be good! You’ve a great voice Derek. Have to think long and hard about the love song for Valentines (serious business this choosing songs stuff!) but I’ll be back. 🙂

  3. Love this Derek, as does my Dad who now actually asks me if your New Music Monday post is up yet.

    As for love songs, there’s only one suggestion from me and that’s ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.

  4. I love ‘All that’s left’- you have a great voice charged with emotion thanks I really enjoyed it.
    My favourite love song has to be the one we danced to on our wedding day- Come Rain or Come Shine by Ray Charles.

  5. Hey Derek, as always a great Music Monday! I really like ‘All that’s left’, cracking song 😉
    For Valentines day my choice would be ‘Shelter’ by Birdie

  6. Mellow listening – just right for a Monday. My Valentine’s choice has to be : “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. Only the thing is while I can sing the lyrics I haven’t a clue who sang it originally.

  7. Great music, Derek. Now my choice will show my age. I forgot about this song until last week when I watched Mannequin, that eighties film, with my daughter. We both love Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.’ (!987! Blimey!) It’s upbeat and always makes me feel happy. Also that’s the year I met my husband.

  8. Derek — love that number. Get it out there!
    My Valentine’s vote is: Martha by Tom Waits. Love that song so much wished I married a girl called Martha just so I could sing it more.

  9. It’s edgy with an Eastern sound and a measured nastiness in the lyrics. Very very original and makes you want to know the backstory. Jeez, why go out at all when there’s Derek on a Monday playing fir you? Immensely enjoyed and appreciated.

    Some great suggestions fir love sings which I would second but just to be different I suggest Drive All Night by Springsteen:)

  10. Keep up the good work! Although I’m not usually a fan of the fuzz guitar-straight-to-the-board (I’ve beena big tube amp and speaker cab sort), it works here. I’d like to hear the vocals a bit drier but I also understand this may be more of a sketch than a finished painting – used to do that a fair amount once upon a time.

    Valentine’s Day? How about “My Funny Valentine”

  11. My favourite one yet Derek. The first years liked it too !! Where did those lyrics come from… For Valentine’s – Since they appeared on ‘The late Late Show’ – I have Scala & Kolacny’s version of U2’s ‘With or Without Out You’ going round in my head….

  12. Oh this is a nice one. It reminds me of early to mid REM and has a lovely, catchy melody. I like this the best of all your songs I’ve heard, definitely!

  13. Lovely and beautifully constructed. The muse is upon you. As far as Valentine’s day goes, I have to go with “My funny Valentine.”

  14. I loved that song – this lyric broke my heart:
    “Your eyes only lighten up when I’m not around”

    For love songs…I looked through my iTunes and found a couple of contenders (“Someday Soon” by the Doves could be interesting) but my final choice is “True Love Ways” by Buddy Holly!

  15. Hi Derek,

    I’ve narrowed it down to four oldies, but goodies.

    1) The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News
    2) Higher and Higher by Eddie Money
    3) Cherish by Kool and The Gang
    4) Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night

    Thanks, looking forward to the results.


  16. Derek, you’re amazing. You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful lyrics and voice. I think this might be my favorite one so far. This should be on an album, or at least on my mp3 player so I can listen to it again and again.

    As for Valentine’s day – SO many really good ones have been mentioned and I have nothing new to add. I can’t wait to see what you wind up picking

  17. In case we can leave more than one choice! 🙂

    Wish You Were Here. Pink Floyd
    Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody Joni Mitchell
    Trouble. Ray le Montague
    Love of My Life Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews
    Sideways Citizen Cope & Carlos Santana

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