The Tweet Heard Around the World – #twitterxmassingle

Graphic designed and created by Fiona Hanley (@greenclouds4)

There has been a lot of tweeting of the #hashtag #twitterxmassingle on Twitter over the past few days and I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it and what it is. So, I thought I’d jot down a brief explanation as well as linking to some other people’s impressions of the day.

On Nov 19, Brenda Drumm (@BrendaDrumm) sent out a tweet saying something along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be great if we could record a Twitter Xmas single for charity?” Siobhán (@carnsoreboxer) – the woman who would become second-in-command – chimed in her support. A friend of mine, Anne-Marie (@am_flynn), tweeted “Maybe @derekf03 could help”. “@derekf03” is my twitter name and that was my introduction to #twitterxmassingle.

I’ve written before about how great I think the Twitter community is and some of the great things it is capable of doing, but nothing had prepared me for this. A charity was chosen: the Neo Natal Unit at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street Hospital, Dublin. (The unit is best known as “Unit 8” by parents whose babies have needed special care there). Overnight, the idea started to gather momentum. So much so that, on Nov 27 – a mere eight days later – over 140 people from Twitter gathered in the Westin Hotel in Dublin to record the single.

The amazing thing about #twitterxmassingle is that it has all been organised by ordinary people. It’s probably the first charity single that doesn’t feature celebrities. There were a few very well-known celebrities who gave advice in the background, but the people out front were all just regular Joe and Josie Soaps, like me. The musicians who recorded the music, the 140+ choir, the soloists – everyone.

The single is now on release and you can buy it here:

Hopefully, my blog readers and followers will help me get the word out. In the meantime, I wanted to turn it over to some of the others Joe and Josie Soaps there on the day to give their account of what it was like, beginning with the woman who started it all – Brenda Drumm:

Noel Cuddy (@noelcuddy) shares a very personal reason why he became involved:

as does Caitriona O’Loughlin (@ol_cait):

The event inspired two blogger novices to pen their very first blog posts, which I think tells you everything you need to know about the day.

Susan Condan (@SusanCondon): &

Carol Clarke (@cagssoc):

David Ferrie (@Ferrie_Photos) was at the recording to take some photographs and you can see them on his photoblog

There is also a group on which was set up to share photos of the event, it can be found at

Jillian Godsil (@jilliangodsil) blogs about how the recording fulfilled one of her #bucketlist ambitions:

Tynan Hopper(@TynanHopper) says it captured “the essence of Christmas”:

Enda Lee (@enda_lee) blogs about “the rebirth of my Christmas spirit”:

Miriam Ahern (@MiriamAhern) blogs about what #twitterxmassingle can teach us about teamwork:


@entertainmentIE did a great report on the launch of #twitterxmassingle:

The launch was also featured on the RTE 9 o’ clock news:

#twitterxmassingle on TV3’s Xpose – 05/12/11

#twitterxmassingle on TV3’s The Morning Show – 06/12/11

If I’ve missed a blog post about #twitterxamassingle feel free to leave a link the comments section!

20 thoughts on “The Tweet Heard Around the World – #twitterxmassingle

  1. I am gutted that I didn’t make it. I was in Dublin at 1.30 and tweeted the hash tag but when no one got back to me I thought it was too late and stayed with the lads at the rugby match. But I am over the moon to hear that it went so well. I saw the piece on TV3, looks fab. Cannot wait to buy it and listen oh and of course….bring it with me to class and tell all the kids and teachers about it!

    Michelle x

  2. Thanks for including my link to my first ever Blog- inspired, of course, by the emotional and uplifting day last Sunday TwitterXmasSingle. Delighted to see inspiration running along the back row, where I balanced with Carol and Deirdre. Loved your first Blog Carol (and of course seasoned Blogger, Derek) and look forward to reading more . . .

  3. What an awesome idea! What’s more, as far away as you all are, I find it strangely bizarre that all this took place somewhere I have actually been! I stayed at the Westin in Dublin as part of my honeymoon trip. This is kind of cool because now I can imagine you all there recording!

  4. This is a great idea! I agree with Ciara, it’s really cool this happened in a place I’ve been (in fact, the only place I’ve been overseas!). What a wonderful reason to get together, too!

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