Edublogs Awards 2011

Today I want to do a quick post to nominate a friend of mine, Michelle Moloney King, for an Edublog award. Those of you who follow Michelle on Twitter (@moloneyking) or who read her blog will know what a fantastic person Michelle is. Her blog is a mix of personal thoughts and reflections as well as links and tutorials on cutting edge social media tools that she shares with everyone and that have made a huge difference to bloggers like me. It’s for this reason that my first nomination for Michelle is in the “Best Ed Tech/Resource sharing blog” category.

The second nomination is a more personal one. I knew Michelle on Twitter and was reading her blog for months before I knew she was dyslexic. She had tried to not make that an issue but eventually felt she had to talk about it. She wrote a blog post about it called “Thinking outside the box“. I thought then – and still do – that it was incredibly brave thing to do to try and teach and write blogs and study, all while saying nothing about her dyslexia. For this reason, my second nomination for Michelle is in the “Most influential blog post” category.

You can check out the awards here:

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6 thoughts on “Edublogs Awards 2011

  1. Lost for words here. Thank you so much Derek. I really appreciate it, you have no idea how much I appreciate you taking time away from your writing, recording and work to nominate me.

    I love the nomination for the Best Ed Tech/Resource sharing blog category, I do like to treat the www as my classroom and I love saving people time in achieving better blogs.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi SK.

    Thanks for the ‘YAAA@, that is how I feel now!

    Hi Amberr,

    Thank you so much for your comment, the closing date is tomorrow (Dec2) so it is prob a bit late for you to nominate, but I would love a vote. I will let you guys know when I am through to the public voting round.

    Yaaaaaa me!

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