New Music Monday – ‘Soundbite’ + Final Results of “Choose You Own Song”

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! Because I’m going to be doing covers for the next few weeks, I’m posting another original song today. This one got a great reaction, so I’m posting it again. This is ‘Soundbite’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.

And now, the results of the “Choose Your Own Song” votes! It was a resounding “YES!” for “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush, with “Video Game” by Lana Del Rey and “Tower of Song” by Leonard Cohen coming in 2nd and 3rd. Here’s the overall results:

  1. “Wuthering Heights” – Kate Bush (18)
  2. “Video Game” – Lana Del Rey (10)
  3. “Tower of Song” – Leonard Cohen (9)
  4. “Days Like This” – Van Morrison (9)
  5. “The Scientist” – Coldplay (8)
  6. “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” – Jeff Buckley (8)
  7. “Just Gonna Stand There” – Rihanna (8)
  8. “Fall At Your Feet” – Crowded House (6)
  9. “Romeo” – Mr. Big (6)
  10. “A-team” – Ed Sheeran (6)
  11. “Grapefruit Moon” – Tom Waits (5)
  12. “A Whole New World!” – From Disney’s Aladdin (5)
  13.  “Band on the Run” – Wings (4)
  14. “Nothing Rhymed” – Gilbert O’Sullivan (4)
  15. “A Kiss To Build A Dream” – Louis Armstrong (4)
  16. “I Need a Little Sugar in my Bowl” – Bessie Smith (4)
  17. “A Mothers love is a blessing” Irish Traditional song (3)
  18. “When the stars go blue” – Ryan Adams (3)
  19. “Michicant” – Bon Iver (3)

And yes, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison tied for 3rd place but I took the editorial decision and went with Leonard. It’s my blog. Sue me! So, I’ll be putting up “Wuthering Heights” – Kate Bush, next Monday (not sure how I’m gonna pull THAT one off yet) and I’ll also be taking requests on a Christmas song for me to record! Join me then.

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14 thoughts on “New Music Monday – ‘Soundbite’ + Final Results of “Choose You Own Song”

  1. I love it!

    I feel ashamed that I’m very familiar with the list of winners. =/ I shall do my research and I’m looking forward to hearing your covers.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have a way for us devoted readers to purchase your original songs so that we may carry the brilliance into our cars?

  2. Looking forward to hearing you do Kate Bush and good to see my suggestions in the top two. If only I was able to predict if a literary agent might take me on. Get singing. Make it good. Sure you’ll do a great job:)

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