New Music Monday – Two Original Songs + 1st Round Results of ‘Choose Your Own Song’

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! I’ve posted quite a few cover versions in recent weeks, so lest new blog followers or readers think that ALL I do, today I’m posting two of my original songs. This is ‘Do You Dream At All?’:

and ‘Janey’:

If you can’t play the songs or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here and here.

(*These are sample tracks. The full versions are available on the album “Do You Dream At All?” which can be purchased here:)

1st Round Results of ‘Choose Your Own Song’

Last week I asked for some song suggestions for future recordings for New Music Monday. Between the comments on this blog and tweets, I got over fifty-five song suggestions, in a wide variety of styles. What I want to do is have the readers of this blog vote on their Top 3 but to do that I had to whittle the list down to a more manageable number. So I cut it down to 20 songs (and it was not easy, believe me!)

My criteria for choosing these twenty songs were two-fold. Firstly, I wanted songs that would be a challenge to perform. Some of the songs suggested were songs I’m already very familiar with and would perform in my solo gigs. So, because they wouldn’t be much of a challenge, I excluded those songs.

Secondly, I wanted the twenty songs to be widely diverse in style. So I picked an Irish traditional song, a country song, a 1930’s song, etc as well as the kind of music I would be more inclined to play.

What I want you to do is pick your Top 3 and list them in the comments below (you don’t need the song title, just the number). So, without further ado, here’s the list:

  1. “Romeo” – Mr. Big
  2. “Just Gonna Stand There” – Rihanna
  3. “A Kiss To Build A Dream” – Louis Armstrong
  4. “Band on the Run” – Wings
  5. “Tower of Song” – Leonard Cohen
  6. “Video Game” – Lana Del Rey
  7. “Grapefruit Moon” – Tom Waits
  8. “Wuthering Heights” – Kate Bush
  9. “Michicant” – Bon Iver
  10. “Nothing Rhymed” – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  11. “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” – Jeff Buckley
  12. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” – George Jones
  13. “When the stars go blue” – Ryan Adams
  14. “A Whole New World!” – From Disney’s Aladdin
  15. “A Mothers love is a blessing” Irish Traditional song
  16.  “Fall At Your Feet” – Crowded House
  17. “I Need a Little Sugar in my Bowl” – Bessie Smith
  18. “The Scientist” – Coldplay
  19. “Days Like This” – Van Morrison
  20. “A-team” – Ed Sheeran

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43 thoughts on “New Music Monday – Two Original Songs + 1st Round Results of ‘Choose Your Own Song’

  1. Two great songs there Derek, I really love Afraid of You.

    As for the song choices well I’m gonna pick Lover, You Should’ve Come Over (obviously, so glad it made the list), Wuthering Heights and The Scientist.

  2. Grapefruit Moon, Wuthering Heights (that’s got to be a challenge to sing), and then a toss up between Lover You Should Come Over, and Tower of Song.

    BTW, I very much liked Afraid of You

  3. Ok paddy, I’m putting it all on #8 :p
    I honestly find others very interesting but from the moment I saw this one in the suggestions I thought ‘screw mine, I want this to win! :)’ So, My top 3 is Wuthering Heights, Wuthering Heights and… Wuthering Heights 🙂

  4. Hey Derek, No. 11’You should’ve come over’ Jeff Buckley…No.4 ‘Fall at your Feet’ – Crowded House/ No 3 – ‘A Kiss to build a dream on’…Louis Armstrong /Rod Stewart does nice version too 🙂

    Great to finally hear ‘Janey’ really liked it and ‘Afraid of You’ too. Keep em coming x M

  5. Derek loved your song Janey!

    Songs from list ….hard choice……but 6. Video Game (a population explosion will be conceived to it), 17. Bessie Smith (aah just for remembering her) and 19. Van the Man (because he’s soo good and I love the song)

  6. Love both songs, Derek.

    My picks would be Coldplay (18), Van Morrison (19) and Tom Waits (7). Like the Kate Bush song too, but guess would be a bit of challenge for u to sing like her 🙂

  7. Would love to hear you try some Kate Bush, so that get’s my vote together with Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran. Can’t wait to hear whatever you choose. There are some great songs on that list. Really like ‘Janey.’ 🙂

  8. I will stand by 2, would love 6 and I need a little sugar in my bowl. Purely for the intriguing name. I’m leaning towards 6 Derek. There I said it.

  9. I may be too late on this one so I’ll go for “Fall at Your Feet” which would be amazing I think! But after hearing “Janey”, I’m putting in a request for “Fruit Tree” by Nick Drake!! 🙂

  10. Oh Derek, this is almost impossible!! Can’t I pick more than three?! No? Really?

    Okay, here are my three:

    11. Cos it’s one of my favourite songs in the world, ever

    6. Because I’d love to hear your take on what’s quite an unusual song

    14. Because, frankly, the thought of you following in the footsteps of Jordan and Peter Andre is hilarious 😉

    Will be watching with interest!

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