New Music Monday – Soundbite

Hell yeah…it’s New Music Monday! A song about crooked politicians, TV and disposable news – this is ‘Soundbite’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.



It’s not my time you’re wasting (2)

It’s not my time, it’s not my time

It’s your time you’re wasting



All right, turn a light on

And the good times go on and on and on


It’s not my body you’re raping

It’s not my money you’re taking

Welcome to the soundbite generation

Welcome to the soundbite generation


Coca-cola and George Bush commercials

Everybody and his uncle selling themselves

We’re all slaves to the soundbite

Thank God, a Coca-Cola can, can’t run for the White House


11 thoughts on “New Music Monday – Soundbite

  1. Love it, and I am feeling the lyrics!! Sorry for being a little MIA for the past couple of days. Had to take a little family time. Hope your weekend rocked as much as this song! ox

    P.S. Coca Cola can’ would be a great idea for the next election, btw.

  2. I get what you’re saying but didn’t relate so much. I guess maybe it’s not so much like this in Australia, although I gather from the comments you’ve done a good job of capturing America, which is very cool. It doesn’t inspire me to live there though.

    A Coke can couldn’t do a worse job than your average politician could it? The Prime Minister we have here stabbed our last Prime Minister in the back, promised she wouldn’t do something in very clear language, and has now broken that promise. It kind of goes without saying she is the most unpopular Prime Minister in decades. Sad that she is also our first woman Prime Minister.

  3. I loved the chorus and the actual soundbite you incorporated!

    I think it’s great, I really do, but I also think it says sad things about our generation…and what we’re facing. Sadly, the media is very corrupt…:/ And television is very concerned with distorting reality and unrealistic images. Everyone is really focused more on selling themselves. I hope I wasn’t way off on my interpretation! lol.

  4. Myself and the 5th years listened to ‘Soundbite’ while doing questions on ‘Macbeth’… politicaian’s and withches, yip that about right…. liked this Derek, vocals v nice (says she who knows nothing mind you !!) Keep em coming Maura

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