New Music Monday – ‘Fairground’

It’s Monday, it must be New Music! Today’s ditty is called ‘Fairground’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.



It’s a long way down from here (2)

I’m holding on like you taught me to

I’m holding out ‘cause it’s all I know how to do

It’s a long way down from here


I’m on a dirt-cheap fairground fall (2)

It’s a long way down from here, where I come from

We don’t need rituals, love tests

The way you do

If I was more like Oscar Wilde, I might know what to say

But every single word I use gets twisted the wrong way


And I fall!

If I was more like Oscar Wilde, I might know what to say

But if I was like Al Pacino, I could just blow her and blow her away


And I fall!

It’s a long way down (5)

Where I come from


Lyrics & music: D. Flynn


11 comments on “New Music Monday – ‘Fairground’

  1. Derek, I love that you have music Mondays, what a great way for all of us to start the week….listening to newly recordered music by an Irish talent.

  2. Krystal Wade says:

    Love NMM. Great song this week!

  3. Ashley Nixon says:

    ahaha! I love this song. It’s so hardcore, lol.

  4. Louise says:

    Okay – I’m no music expert – but this reminded me of a movie track – and seeing as how I love movies – this is a very good thing:)

  5. Junying Kirk says:

    wonderful! really enjoyed that, Derek. love the lyrics as well as the music :)!

  6. Amy Eyrie says:

    Great song! Sounds like a Tarantino film. I love your solo too.

  7. lizamartz says:

    Love this! It makes me want to go to a club in Ireland to hear you perform it live. But when I think of Ireland I realize…it’s a long way. (heehee)

  8. Keri Lake says:

    Great song Derek! 🙂

  9. conniemaria says:

    I agree with Michelle – Love New Music Monday!!! And love the song!! Listened to it a couple times 🙂

  10. Derek! That song was frigging good! Seriously, man. I’ve enjoyed some of the tracks before, but never did I really feel bad that it didn’t already sit on my iPod, if that makes any sense. Well done! Loved it.


  11. sheilarlamb says:

    This is one of my favorites! Love it!

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