New Music Monday – ‘Bleed it Dry’

Today’s New Music Monday is a little bit different. It’s a song written by me and featuring me on guitar but it has Ruth (my wife) on vocals. This is ‘Bleed it Dry’:

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.

Bleed It Dry

I’ve an unnatural tale

One that changes with each day

It’s not the telling, it’s the being told

And people without hands can’t hold


And you say, bleed it dry (4)

I airbrush my face

Take a razor and cut shapes

I must look a disgrace

Is it possibly a pure waste?



If you believe it, it just might (4)

But there’s always the matter’s crux

What’s too little, what’s too much?

When to ease up and come down

Or just give it up and sell it out



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