New Music Monday – ‘Pay For Power’

It’s another Monday, it another original song written and performed by yours truly. Today’s song is called ‘Pay For Power’. It’s the heaviest yet, and it’s got Ruth and I on dual vocals. Turn it up loud!

To play on your phone, click:

Pay For Power

Pay for power (2)

I’m bleeding, I like it

Kneeling, I like it

Lying, I like it

Screaming, I like it


Give me my …

Pay for power (2)

Put some money into an open hole

You must understand, she’s mine

My, my, my, my, my, my


Permission is submission (2)

We don’t need you, does that scare you? (2)

And my rights, what about? (2)

The right to make you die!

Chorus (2)


8 comments on “New Music Monday – ‘Pay For Power’

  1. Veryyyyy good. Love the music and great vocals! I always read the lyrics first, then play and listen, just to see what I think it would sound like versus what it does. You always make it sound better than I expect!

  2. Fantastic vocals Derek, they are edgier with the racy backdrop

  3. Wow! Pretty powerful indeed, Sir! Well done!

  4. Louise says:

    Well you certainly wanted to stir things up while you were away being all tranquil. Great track, loved the vocals – terrific energy!

  5. Very nice! The personality you show us through your music, your blog posts and your tweeerings reveal you as a complex individual. I like it!

  6. Amy Eyrie says:

    Holy shit! Great song. Ruth and Derek, you two have an interesting family life 🙂

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