New Music Monday – ‘Lacking’

It’s another Monday morning, it’s another piece of original music. This one is called ‘Lacking’. Lyrics are below. Turn this one up loud and enjoy!

If you can’t play the song or are on an iPhone or Android phone, click here.


You say I’ll ask you once more

And you stand between me and the door

I turn my eyes to face you

Do you want me to lie to you?


And if I lied, would you mind? (4)

You like the smell of burnt leather

And you like this idea you’re better

Why should you know something?

That displeases you, it’s nothing


Do you have to tell them once more?

For all you know they could know

But you don’t want to disappoint them

You might be thought lacking

And if I … (4)



Lyrics & music: D. Flynn


20 thoughts on “New Music Monday – ‘Lacking’

  1. You are either going to love me or hate me for this, but your voice has a Kurt Cobain quality to it. (I happen to like that, so there.)

    This song is definitely plunging into the depths of your dark mind . . . I mean your dark style. There’s a point where the music softens and there are these little single strums of the guitar…LOVE IT.

    This may make it onto my “OMG everyone is going to die in this book” playlist, if you know what I mean.

    New Music Monday has not let me down yet.

    1. Oh, Kurt was definitely an influence. I was known to wear a plaid shirt or two back in the ’90s 🙂 Yeah, we’re definitely getting a little darker. The interesting thing is that, at the moment, I’m just posting studio recordings, and the majority of those are probably a little heavier and darker. But I have a wealth of songs unrecorded, many of which are different in style and tone to the ones I’ve posted so far. I may start doing a few lo-fi, home recordings of some of those to post at a later date.

    1. Thanks Alison. You know I’m a Nirvana fan. We’ve already had the conversation about their version of ‘The man who sold the world’. (Still say Nirvana’s version is better :-)) *hides*

  2. Oh, I LOVE IT! Do I get to say I know you yet? You have directly twittered me, after all. ;c) Keep them coming! And I’m semi-old school…I REALLY need a CD! LOL. And if I drag my husband to Ireland do I get back stage passes?

    1. Of course you can, Sarah, sure we’re practically best buds now 🙂 Will be working on the CD thing over the summer. And it’ll be VIP passes next time you’re in Ireland!

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